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Wine cellar hint

This app is an inventory software for all wine experts. Manage and organize quite comfortably the inventory of your wine cellar. Enjoy the benefits of this app just like your favorite wine.

For detailed information about the features, please visit our product page Wine cellar inventory

For android devices you can load and install the app WyneConcept directly from Google Play Store


What is WyneConcept?

It is a software app, which allows you, to manage and organize the inventory of your wine cellar in an easy and convenient way.

Which information can be managed and organized?

Every record contains information like name, vineyard, vintage, grape varieties with percentage, country of origin, region, area, number of bottles, ratings and reviews, price and other attributes. In addition you can add you own notes. More details about the features and available properties can be found on our Product page.

Which features does the app provide?

• Add, Copy, Delete and Edit entries
• Many attributes for each entry (e.g. name, vineyard, vintage, drinking maturity, grape varieties, color, country of origin, region, area, number of bottles, price, and more)
• Easy and quick search function
• Database with most important countries, wine regions and areas
• Database with many varietals from different countries
• External rating from famous wine critics and guides ( Gambero Rosso, Duemilavini/Bibenda, John Platter, Vinaria, Robert Parker, James Suckling, Wine Spectator, Falstaff, Luca Maroni, Gault-Millau, Guía Peñín, Rene Gabriel, Jancis Robinson )
• Sorting and grouping regarding vintage, color, country of origin, price range, and more
• Statistics for quantity and costs controlling

Which possibility exists to simplify the input of attributes?

Our software provides a very convenient way to search and select the country of origin, county, wine region, appellation and varietals from a database.

And for wine name, winery, category and storage location you have a similar way to search, select and re-use your own and already used properties for new entries. Usually only a short search string is required to find and re-use an existing record.

Moreover, you can "Copy & Edit" an existing entries. In most cases only a few changes are needed to adjust the copied entry.

Can I backup and restore my database? Can I synchronize my database between multiple devices?

The app provides the possibility to create a full backup of your database and restore the database, if required (for example after a re-installation). The backup can also be restored on an other android device. Copy the backup file unto the other device and "Import database".

A direct synchronization between two or more devices is not possible. Android does not yet provide a corresponding functionality.

I need an additional feature. What can I do?

We are keen on improving our software continuously and are happy to receive your feedback and proposal. We will consider your proposals carefully and provide a reasonable solution.
For a summary and overview over all existing features see our home page.

Is my data protected?

The protection of your data is our top priority. All app features are available without any internet connection and no data is sent to an external server at all.

You will find more information in our Data Privacy Policy.

Where can I find information about previous versions of the app?

For a list of the version history see the Change log.


Do they need the help from our support team?

You can contact us using the following email address:
Support email

One of our support representative will contact you within 48 hours.

You have ideas or suggestions for improvement?

We are looking forward to your feedback.

With your ideas we can improve the software and add more and more useful features. Please send an email with your idea or suggestion.

We will consider your proposals carefully and, provided that they are of general interest, talk to our software department regarding implementation.