Wine cellar inventory app

Wine cellar inventory app with many features

WypeConcept provides a lot of helpful features to organize your wine cellar. Below you will find screenshots and explanations to some of the main features:

Wine list: See your wine inventory in a list with most the important information
Detail view: All details of a wine entry
Search and Find: Smart search function to find you wine within seconds
Lists and groups: Display the entries in predefinded list or grous
Rating systems: Log expert rations to each entry
Statistics: Graphical statistics providing overview and details

A summary and overview over all features see our home page. Feel free to contact our Support if you have any further questions.

Wine list

All wine cellar entries are displayed in an overview list with the main attributes visible

Wine cellar app

An individual photo can be added to every entry (e.g. label, emblem).

Wine list

You can find every entry quick and easy through a Simple search or with the help of the available Lists and groups.

The app displays the most important properties in an overview list. • Name
• Winery
• Vintage
• Price
• Storage location
• Number of bottles
• Color

With the help of our app you will find each of your wines easily and quick, even in a large wine cellar with a lot of wines.

Click on an entry to display all attributes in a Detail view.

Detail view

Select and click an entry from the Wine list . The app display all attributes in a Detail view.

Wine details All details are clear and self-explanatory arranged one on each side.

No need to search hidden areas facilitates a quick and easy handling.

The input is done as free text, or using a database with predefined countries, regions and areas, to easily re-use the inputs already made.
You have all details of your wine cellar quickly available.

The attributes are not defined as mandatory, so you do not have to enter all the information at once, but missing Information can be completed at any later time.

Some of the fields offer a smart and helpful search function. • Wine name
• Winery
• Category
• Country of origin
• Region / County
• Wine region / appellation
• Storage location

You will find already existing entries (or entries from the provided databases) very fast to re-use them. Usually only a few letters are enough, to find the desired entry from a large list to re-use it for a new entry.

All app features are available offline. No internet connectivity required.

Lists and groups
The Wine list can be grouped by various available lists. In addition, these lists can be narrowed down using an additional search criteria.

• Name of wine and winery
• Vintage and drinking maturity
• Color and category
• Varietals and alcohol content
• Country and region
• Number of bottles in your cellar and bottle size
• Price and price per liter
• Stock location
• Rating

Sort and group wine

In addition to your own rating, you can add ratings from then most famous wine critics and wine guides:

Rating systems:

Gambero Rosso
John Platter
Robert Parker
James Suckling
Wine Spectator
Luca Maroni
Guía Peñín
Rene Gabriel
Jancis Robinson

Detailed statistics

To control the content of your wine cellar and to visualize your inventory, we provide a graphical overview over number of bottles and costs.

Wine color Wine country
Wine price Wine region

Summary information:

• Total number
• Number of vineyards
• Number of vintages
• Number of countries, regions
• Number of different storage locations
• Cheapest and most expensive wine
• Total cost and average costs per bottle

Graphical overview of your cellar:

• Number of bottles per color (red, white, rosé) and category (wine, sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine, ...)
• Number of bottles per country and region
• Number of bottles per winery
• Number of bottles per storage location
• Number of bottles per vintage and drinking maturity
• Total costs per color, country, storage location
• Number of bottles per price range

Our wine cellar app is available for android based smartphones in 6 languages.

English German Italian Spanish Portuguese French

For android devices you can load and install the app directly from Google Play Store

WyneConcept is a smart and easy wine cellar inventory and management app.

In case you need help or support, you can contact us at any time by email.

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